My name is Rich Brome. I'm a web publisher in NYC. This particular page is a little about my history.

I grew up in Front Royal, Virginia. Front Royal is located in northern Virginia, in the scenic Shenandoah Valley. I went to public school, graduating from Warren County High School, where I was involved in theatre and newspaper. High school is also where I first started making web sites, including the first version of this site, and my high school's first web site.

After high school, I moved on to Drexel University, majoring in Information Systems. The only good thing about Drexel is Co-Op. It works like this: you go to school for a total of five years, but during your middle three, you spend six months of the year in classes and six months in a full-time paid internship position. The experience you gain is unbeatable.

On my first co-op, I learned that systems adminstration is absolutely not what I want to do with my life. So for my second co-op, I gave development a shot. It worked out extremely well - I found out that web development is definitely where I belong. The co-op was for a large corporation, which was great, but for my third co-op, I decided to work for a small company, just to get the most varied experiences I could out of my three co-ops.

So I went to work for a small Internet start-up company called WebLinc. I was there for the roller coaster known as the "dot-com bubble", and man - what a ride! The experience helped me decide that small companies are where I belong, and that I wanted to start my own company some day.

So next, I teamed up with a guy who had a great idea for a logistics web startup. He knew the industry, I knew the technology, and so ePortation was born.

Around the same time, I came up with an idea for a cell phone web site. I realized that there weren't any web sites with comprehensive, detailed info on mobile phones for North America; I saw an opportunity, and I took it. Thus, Phone Scoop was born.

Although it started as a side project, Phone Scoop eventually demanded more and more of my time. So in mid-2003, I worked with my ePortation partner to transition my workload to new employees. Phone Scoop then became my full-time job.

And that's where I am now. Phone Scoop is my own business. It combines two of my greatest passions - web development and mobile phones. It also gives me opportunity for travel (reporting from trade shows) and a chance to be directly involved in current revolution in modern journalism.

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